Clean Carpets Cleaner Air

Clean Carpets Cleaner Air

Healthy Air, Healthy Home

You go to a lot of trouble to keep your house clean, and you know how important it is to get the grime off your floors, walls, cabinets, sinks, and counters. But you might be forgetting one of the key components of a healthy home, namely, the air you breathe.

Freshen Up

If you want your home to smell clean and fresh, your first thought might be to reach for a spray refresher, plug-in deodorizer or scented candle. But all too often, those methods don’t do anything except add another layer of smells on top of the odors already there.

Worse yet, they pump all kinds of unwanted, potentially toxic materials into the air that aren’t good for anyone to breathe. They can be especially harmful to children, people with allergies, and pets.

If you want your home to be truly fresh, start with a thorough cleaning. Only use cleaning methods that don’t pump more toxins into your home.

Healthy Habits

Don’t allow smoking. Smoking in the house leaves layers of tar and other pollutants that sink into fabrics and are almost impossible to remove. If you have guests or other residents who smoke, insist that they do it outside or in one designated room.

Deal with dust mites. Scientists have shown that dust mites can worsen asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other illnesses. Washing your bed linens in hot water will keep them off your bedding, and steam extraction will eradicate them from your carpets and furniture.

Avoid chemicals. Strong cleaning chemicals can irritate your lungs, skin and nasal cavities. Try to use natural, non-irritating products that won’t put more pollutants into your home.

Natural Methods

Flowers and herbs. Dried flowers and herbs bring natural fragrance to a room with no chemical additives. Make sachets by tying a bunch of the dried leaves in a small cloth bag. Hang the bags in your closets, bathrooms, and pantries.

Lemon aid. Mix one part fresh-squeezed lemon juice with two parts water and one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol or vodka in a spray bottle. This makes a totally natural air spray that will add freshness to any room.

Oils and extracts. Natural essential oils such as rose, lavender, and vanilla make excellent natural deodorizers. Soak sponges, fabric pieces or cotton balls in them and place them in small bowls around the house. They’ll absorb bad odors and fill the room with scent.

Clean Deep, Breathe Deep

What’s the solution to a deep, thorough clean that’s also safe and nontoxic?

That’s what we worked on when we developed our PureScience method.

PureScience doesn’t cover up smells, it pulls them out and destroys them. It doesn’t use harsh toxic chemicals that will cause irritations. It’s also the only cleaning system guaranteed to destroy dust mites and allergens.

If you’re looking for a way to clean your home without dangerous toxins, count on our PureScience method to work like magic removing stains, odors and irritating chemical compounds.

More than Carpets

Carpet Keepers is more than a carpet cleaning company. Our cleaning methods get your whole house sparkling and leave it fresh. We’ll deep-clean your carpets, rugs, and furniture so that everything is refreshed and revived.

If you want a house that’s more than clean, call the company that’s more than carpets. Call Carpet Keepers and let us work the magic of PureScience for you.


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