Cleaners for Everything

Cleaners for Everything

Clean Machine

Every day you’re in a battle against that relentless enemy, dirt. Just think about it.

Most days, you:

  • brush your teeth;
  • wash your hair;
  • shower;
  • wash your dishes;
  • clean your razor;
  • wipe your mirrors
  • wipe down your counters;
  • sweep and dust.

And that’s just your daily routine.

Then there are the weekly or monthly skirmishes that include:

  • washing your clothes;
  • washing your car;
  • scrubbing your bathrooms;
  • mopping your floors;
  • hosing down your patio;
  • giving Fluffy or Fido a bath.

Clean Machine

Yes, you’re a clean machine. You want things clean for a reason. Dirt is ugly, nasty and smelly. It also means you might be looking at germs, which mean disease, which mean yuck.

Clean surfaces, clothes and homes just feel better, smell better and are better for you.

So what about the one big thing you’re forgetting to clean?

Plush and Polluted?

Yes, your carpet is the often-forgotten area in your messiness patrol.

Think about it. You walk on your carpet, sometimes barefoot or just in socks. Your children play on it. Your pets roll on it. Your clothes and belongings sometimes land on it.

Don’t you want it to be just as clean, safe and sanitary as the rest of your house? Of course you do.

Carpet Keepers to the Rescue

Never fear, Carpet Keepers is here! We’ll get that carpet sparkling clean with the magic of PureScience and the power of a thousand superheroes.

Well, it’s not really magic, but you’ll think it is when you see the results.

  • PureScience eliminates allergens, pet dander and germs.
  • Our “deep claw” method reaches down to pull out even the worst, most deep-seated smells and stains.
  • PureScience is safe and nontoxic and is ideal for homes with allergy sufferers, people with sensitive systems, children and pets.
  • Water extraction is the only method guaranteed to kill bacteria and the method most often recommended by carpet manufacturers.
  • We employ a 10-step process that makes dirt disappear.

Regular Routine

Certain cleaning tasks are part of your regular routine. Your carpet should also be cleaned on a regularly scheduled basis. That’s easy to do when Carpet Keepers sets up a routine of touch-ups, freshen-ups and deep-down cleaning that will keep your carpet looking, feeling and smelling like new.

We’ll set it so you can forget it.

Stinky Sofa?

While you’re getting your carpet freshened, have you given any thought to your upholstered furniture?

The same allergens, grime, bugs and odors can linger in your sofa, armchair and other upholstered furniture. Think about that!

Luckily, help is right at hand. Carpet Keepers can work the same magic on your cloth furniture that we do on carpets. And regular cleaning will keep your furniture as fresh, bright and beautiful as new.

Your Household Hero

CarpetKeepers is your home’s hero, swooping in like a cleaning tornado that leaves freshness behind. With a deep cleaning session followed by regular maintenance, you never have to worry that your carpets, area rugs and upholstery are hiding dirt from you.

Wherever it is, we’ll find it. And we’ll get out with the wonders of PureScience.

Call Carpet Keepers today and let us be the heroes of your home.

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