Five Reasons You Need a Carpet Cleaning Routine

Five Reasons You Need a Carpet Cleaning Routine

Beyond the Cleaning Service

You rely on your cleaning service to keep your bathrooms clean and your floors sparkling. While you’re doing that, are you forgetting about your carpets and upholstery? Those soft places can be breeding grounds for mildew, dust mites, pet dander and other things you’d probably prefer to keep out of your home.

Your cleaning service keeps your home fresh, bright and germ-free. Now you can have carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture that are just as clean and healthy.

1. You Need to Destroy the Critters

Your carpet and upholstered furniture are filled with dust mites, allergens, toxins that have wafted around the house, allergens from outdoors, pet dander and many other undesirable things.

These aren’t just icky to think about, they can also have real and serious implications for your health. Getting them out of your house is the best way to keep you and your family healthy. Professional cleaning that uses safe, non-toxic methods is the best way to eradicate dander, dust mites and pollutants.

2. Most Manufacturer Warranties Require Cleaning

Did you know that many carpet manufacturers require professional cleaning as a condition of the carpet’s warranty? If not, read the warranty to see the details. Most of them require professional cleaning within 12 months of installation.

The warranty also tells you what the preferred cleaning method is for your carpet fiber and type. Using the wrong vacuum setting or cleaning product could ruin your carpet and void your warranty. You can avoid all these problems by hiring a professional carpet cleaner that knows exactly how to clean your particular carpet.

3. Upholstery and Carpet Hold Tight to Smells and Stains

You might think that you’ve kept your carpet and upholstery clean with regular vacuuming and spot cleaning. That only goes so far. You can’t get deep into the fibers because there’s no way to do that without professional-quality products and techniques.

When you call a professional cleaner like Carpet Keepers, you’ll immediately see the difference. Our nontoxic PureScience method reaches deep into the fibers and pulls out old stains and odors. It even pulls out stains and smells that have been set into the fibers for years.

4. Don’t Forget Your Area Rugs

You can clean your carpet and upholstery, but are you forgetting about your area rugs? Carpet Keepers provides thorough cleaning of installed carpeting, area rugs, and upholstered furniture.

We remove your area rugs so that they can undergo a rigorous cleaning back at our facilities. Our 10-step cleaning process leaves them like new. You’ll be amazed at how fresh they smell, how great they look and how soft they are. Don’t let your area rugs spoil the rest of your clean, healthy home. With CarpetKeepers, it all gets done.

5. A Carpet Cleaning Service Lets You Set It and Forget It

Are you worried that you’re going to have one more thing to schedule every few months? That’s not a worry when you set up a cleaning routine with Carpet Keepers. We’ll help you set up a schedule that makes sense for you, based on your needs and the type of use your carpet and rugs get.

Call the Carpet Experts

When you call Carpet Keepers, you get top-notch service along with a guarantee that our safe, nontoxic PureScience method will get out every spot, stain, and smell. Call Carpet Keepers today and set up a regular cleaning routine that will keep your home fresh and healthy.

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