Three Tips For Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

Three Tips For Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

Tips For Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

Most homeowners choose carpet to give their home a warm and inviting feel. However, it can be very embarrassing when your carpet gets dingy or stained. If you avoid inviting your family and friends over because your carpet has stains or a dingy appearance, you need these three tips for deep cleaning your carpet.

Whether the dirt is the result of children, pets or simple food and drinks spills, you can get rid of dirty and stained carpets and have your carpets looking fresh and clean again in no time.

Vacuum Regularly

First, in order to make your carpet last longer, you should vacuum regularly. Dirt can build up and penetrate into your carpet’s fibers causing extensive damage as well as trapping allergens in the home. Heavy dirt builds up can make a carpet look overly dingy and cause stains to penetrate further into the carpet.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

Cleaning up stains immediately is key to avoiding deep staining in your carpet. Stains happen, but you can avoid bad odors and permanent stains by tackling the stain immediately. Should the spill be solid, try to scrape off as much of it as possible with dry paper towels before tackling any resulting stain on the carpet. Avoid rubbing the stain, instead try to gently pick or lift it off the carpet so as to minimize the stain.

After having scraped off the spill, you can then clean the spot with clean water. Remember to dab or blot out the stain in circular motions while working from the outside inwards.

Use Mild Cleaning Agents

Use mild cleaning agents on any stain or heavy traffic areas. Try water first, but if that doesn’t work, a mild detergent can be used. Adding a detergent can rid your carpet of most stains you come across. Look for a Rug and Carpet Institute certified detergent!

If you are struggling with stains, odors or tough high traffic areas, but want a beautiful and inviting home, consider calling in a professional like Carpet Keepers. Carpet Keepers specializes in keeping homes beautiful. Lansdowne carpet cleaning services are available and can be scheduled 24/7.

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