The Dogs on the Couch!

The Dogs on the Couch!

Pet-Proof Your Furniture

Anyone who lives with dogs knows that they’re in charge of most things in the house. They decide where they’re going to sleep, and that usually includes flopping out on the couch, the loveseat or your favorite armchair. What can you do? You certainly don’t think you’re going to get your big fluffy monsters to move, are you?

If you have cats, you may as well hang it up right now. They’re not going to do a thing they don’t want to do.

Your pets love your furniture just as much as you do. In fact, it often seems like they’re part of the furniture. They’re soft, warm and comfortable. Dogs and cats are wonderful, and having them around makes life at home a lot better. On the other hand, all that fabulous furriness is a little less wonderful when it leaves pet hair, dander and possibly fleas all over your furniture.

Pet Protection Failures

You’ve probably tried everything. We’ve all tried putting down a blanket or sheet to protect the upholstery. That’s not a bad idea, but it doesn’t keep dander or critters from getting into the fibers.

You might have tried giving your pets their own beds, and they probably appreciate that, but not as much as they appreciate curling up on the couch with you.

You probably vacuum regularly and have a year’s supply of sticky rollers. That will help cut down on the mess, but it still leaves behind a lot of hair. Picking up the hair also doesn’t help control odors.

Stain and odor removers that you buy at the store don’t do much except cover up the smell. They can actually make things worse because they usually just drive the stains and odors deeper into the fibers.

What Really Works

Luckily, there is something that works. A professional upholstery cleaning from Carpet Keepers can dig deep into the upholstery fibers and pull all that mess out. Steam cleaning is the only method that’s guaranteed to pull out every hair, neutralize dander and kill dust mites and fleas.

Our patented, nontoxic PureScience method is safe to use in homes with children and pets. It’s a natural cleaning product that doesn’t contain harsh, harmful chemicals. Best of all, it removes stains and odors, including pet stains and odors. Have your pets had accidents on the furniture? PureScience can make those smells and stains go away forever, even if they’ve been set for a long time.

How Carpet Keepers Works

We make it easy. We come right to your home, and we clean your furniture on your schedule. Our patented process includes:

  • Thorough vacuuming of all the upholstery.
  • Application of specialty cleaners for pet stains.
  • Special techniques to lift out odors.
  • Steam cleaning to deep-clean the upholstery fibers.
  • A low-moisture system that lets your upholstery dry quickly.
  • Upholstered furniture that is left soft, fresh and clean.

Professional Couch Cleaners

We can make all your upholstered furniture look, feel and smell like new. Don’t forget that we can also clean your carpets and area rugs. We’ll get your whole house sparkling and fresh.

Your pets make you happy. Now you can enjoy them without worrying about dander, hair, bugs or smells. Call Carpet Keepers today and let everyone enjoy a fresh, healthy home.

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